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Establishing a Scholarship


The SUNY Orange Foundation has over 250 need-based and academic-based scholarship opportunities available for entering, returning, and graduating students. For academic year 2023-2024, SUNY Orange students were awarded over $460,000 in scholarships thanks to the generosity of donors like you.

If you are interested in learning more about establishing a scholarship with the SUNY Orange Foundation, please reach out to Executive Director, Dawn Ansbro at or (845) 341-4337

Establishing a Scholarship FAQs

"As I pursue my degree, I will always keep in mind that I am the first child to receive a form of higher education. It is because of you that I am able to make my immigrant family proud. They are the reason I strive to be the best version of myself and thanks to this scholarship, it has helped us stay on track with our finances. Thank you for allowing me to live up to the dream of going to college. It is because of your Foundation that this is possible."  

- Veida Ortiz, Class of 2022


Creating new scholarships help students like Veida follow their dreams. It is the best possible way to pay it forward and it is so easy to do.

Take a listen to two scholarship recipients as they share how their scholarship from the SUNY Orange Foundation impacted their lives for the better. 

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