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Support a SUNY Orange Scholarship

““I extend my greatest thanks and appreciation to you for this generous scholarship donation

which will undoubtedly help me in my endeavors as a first-generation college student.

I am excited to dive into the Occupation Therapy Assistant program at SUNY Orange, and

learn everything I can! My main goal is to help people, no matter who they are, however I can.”

– April Kurtz, Dr. Kristine Young Scholarship

Thank you for supporting a SUNY Orange Scholarship! You are helping to make dreams come true for many of our students. Scholarships provide opportunities to students who might otherwise not be able to attend college. They make the dream of a college education possible and they pave the way for successful futures and careers. They help educate the workforce of tomorrow and they help to contribute to a better Orange County.  

This form does not include every scholarship that the SUNY Orange Foundation offers to students, but it is a great place to start. If you are interested in creating your own scholarship OR if the scholarship you would like to support is not on this list, please contact the Foundation at 845-341-4337.

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