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Basketball Players

Support Athletic Scholarships

"This athletic scholarship is very important to me and motivates me to pursue excellence in my academic and

athletic career. I am going to be a first generation graduate, and the first of four siblings to seek the benefits

from higher education. I plan on becoming a teacher, and a coach, so I can teach students in the classroom

and on the field. One of my goals is to help all kids be comfortable in their own body and gain confidence

in who they are; because the more confident they are in themselves, the more likely they are to succeed

and pursue their dreams. Students come from all walks of life, I want to stress the importance of embracing

diversity and teach them the importance of working together. Again, thank you for this gift.

I am grateful for the people in this world who already want to see me make my dreams a reality.”  

– Erin W.
   Athletic Scholarship Recipient


SUNY Orange's Men’s and Women’s Basketball, Baseball and Softball all compete at the NJCAA (National Junior College Athletic Association) Division II level and offer athletic scholarships to help students cover tuition, fees and books. This ensures that scholarships are divided equally between men’s and women’s sports.

Over the last sixteen years, an average of 26 student-athletes per year have received some level of scholarship aid. This accounts for approximately 40% of all of our Division II student-athletes. Currently, the total dollar amount for all athletic scholarships averages between $30,000 and $40,000 per academic year. Funding for these scholarships has been sporadic and unpredictable. Our goal is to be able to consistently provide at least $40,000 in annual scholarship support to our student-athletes.  

Student-athletes put in at least 25 to 30 practice and play hours per week in season. This significantly limits their ability to earn money to help pay for their college education.

Because of their team commitment and rigorous schedules, student-athletes typically do very well academically. Their position on the team depends upon their ability to maintain a strong GPA which inherently motivates them to earn top grades.

SUNY Orange Athletic Scholarships allow the College to ensure their programs are competitive and provides the coaches with the ability to sign great players to their teams. Scholarships are particularly helpful in attracting women to the athletic programs.

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