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Corinne Cody JGS - corinne cody.jpg

I attended Orange County Community College, commonly known as “OCCC" and after graduating with an AS in Business Administration, I went on to SUNY Empire State College to complete my BS In Business Administration while also beginning my career in the banking industry. I worked for many years in banking in both the branch retail area and as a commercial credit analyst and manager. Many of the accounting basics that I learned at OCCC were applied to those banking jobs and I found that I got the most satisfaction from the jobs involving accounting and financial analysis. I always wanted to go back to school to further my accounting education and to prepare for a Certified Public Accounting designation. I had the opportunity to attend classes at SUNY New Paltz when I was home with my school age children. I earned a second BS in Accounting and took and passed the series of CPA exams to earn my CPA license. I started my career in public accounting in 2001 and am currently employed by JGS, CPA’s as a manager where my responsibilities include work in the areas of audit, tax, accounting, and consulting. My job is very challenging and there is always an opportunity to learn something new. Two of the audit projects that I have worked on was to prepare the audits for SUNY Orange Foundation and The Orange County Community College Association, Inc. I have recently been asked to be a member of the audit committee for the SUNY Orange Foundation. The audit work, and working with the College and the Association staff, has brought me full circle in my SUNY Orange experience. I am grateful for the confidence and business and accounting basics that I received from my early college experience at SUNY Orange.

Class of 1976

Corinne Cody

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"In 1972, there were few nursing programs that offered credit for having been a licensed practical nurse prior to pursuing a degree to become a registered nurse. OCCC was one of the few. Hence, I left my home in Connecticut and made the drive to Middletown and was never disappointed. From day one, everyone I met welcomed and supported me, especially the nursing faculty and Mr. George Shepard, Dean of Students. With a scholarship in hand, I ultimately graduated with high honors and since then have received my bachelors and master’s degree. I have been extremely fortunate to have enjoyed a nursing career that spans over four decades the majority of which time I practiced as an Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist. My fortune also includes having had opportunities to lecture in 45 states and 17 countries, authoring more than 300 publications and four books, and being the recipient of numerous honors from the Oncology Nursing Society. I am a Fellow of the American Academy of Nursing and in 1998, was honored to be the first nurse to receive the Alumnae Award from OCCC. Yale University, my graduate school, also bestowed on me their Distinguished Alumnae award. Over the past two years, I have spent time with the program ‘Health Volunteers Overseas’ teaching oncology, palliative and hospice nursing in Bhutan, Vietnam and Honduras. Additionally, I have traveled to remote western Kenya helping to establish the first in-patient hospice in that country. My book for family members entitled, "The Caregivers Companion" will be in print in 2020. I feel the confidence and conviction that have characterized my career has strong roots to my basic nursing education at OCCC. Forty five years later, I still think of OCCC fondly. Being there was a joy."

Class of 1974

Deborah Boyle

“Since finishing my education in the early 1980s, I have been working as a Park Ranger and Librarian for the National Park Service, United States Department of the Interior at the Statue of Liberty National Monument and Ellis Island.  My education at SUNY Orange between 1978 and 1978 under its dedicated faculty prepared me for my career in the field of history.  My tie to SUNY Orange has been further strengthened over the years by the wonderful foreign trips organized by the Global Studies Department under Professors, Emil Domac, Demos Kontos, and Paul Basinski.  You are never too old to learn with the dedicated faculty of SUNY Orange and their concern for all students past and present.”

Class of 1978

Jeffrey Dosik

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“I think I was truly blessed with an outstanding educational experience at SUNY Orange. Even at the time I graduated in 1975 I didn’t realize how special it was. Those 2 years gave me the foundational tools I needed to transfer to Cornell University to complete my bachelor’s degree, and then to attend the highest ranked environmental engineering graduate program, at Stanford University. My subsequent professional career path included managing several multi-million dollar environmental restoration projects around the nation and creating engineering solutions for Silicon Valley companies. Some years later, and with a J.D. in environmental law, I was able to work on energy law and policy in California, and to work for California's Governor Schwarzenegger and Governor Brown, heading the largest utility customer advocacy organization in the U.S. I owe so much to the outstanding educators I had at SUNY Orange. Of my school experiences, SUNY Orange ranks at the top. My SUNY Orange teachers were passionate about teaching and it showed. And they personally cared about the students, and that showed too.”

Class of 1975

Joe Como